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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form


Co-curricular opportunities exist to encourage students to pursue academia beyond the curriculum in preparation for your examinations and for entry into university, apprenticeships or employment.

We organise a range of engaging and highly rewarding trips in both this country and abroad to support and extend your learning. Course surgeries and lectures run throughout the year to enthuse, stimulate and challenge you to think differently and explore your academic passions outside the classroom. Study skills workshops are available to help bridge the gap between GCSE and A Level, and between sixth form and university, as well as to assist the ongoing development of skills to help you with the challenges of your studies and examinations.

Students can choose to take up the Extended Project Qualification, an intellectually rigorous qualification providing you with the chance to gain your first taste of university study as you take on the challenge and have the freedom to research a topic area of your choice. You will receive guidance from a dedicated mentor, covering topics such as time and project management, how to collect and analyse data, how to plan and write an academic paper and how to critique drafts. It is worth half an A Level and is highly regarded by universities and employers alike.