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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form



 A Level

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

  • Grade 6 or above
  • Students should have a thorough understanding of French grammar

Course Overview

Being able to speak a foreign language could be the passport to many careers. The French A level course  will allow you to extend your skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing through the study of materials related to contemporary France and Francophone countries. The course covers current trends in society and artistic culture in France. You will study a set literary text or a film in depth. You will deepen and broaden your competence in French while exploring further social, cultural and political issues. In addition, you will be required to study a second literary text or film and complete an individual research project of your choice.

Assessment Methods

French AS

Paper 1: Listening, reading, writing

Paper 2: Writing. Translation and essay writing

Paper 3: Speaking                                           

French A Level

Paper 1: Listening, reading, writing

Paper 2: Writing. Essay writing on the film and text studied

Paper 3: Speaking. Individual research project + 1 theme

QE6 Extras / Co-Curriculum Opportunities

You will take part in study trips abroad and student conferences in London.


Most university courses in the UK offer languages as a subsidiary subject. The ability to understand and use French is also a desirable skill in such areas of work as economics and business, politics, civil service, diplomacy,  military, interpreting and translation, media, journalism, online gaming design, marketing, film industry, entertainment, public relations, engineering, tourism, law, education and many more.