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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

Mathematics (Further)


 A Level

Exam Board

 Pearson Edexcel

Entry Requirements

  • GCSE English – Grade 5
  • GCSE Mathematics – Grade 7 (ideally Grade 8)

Course Overview

The course content of A Level Further Mathematics maths is fixed with Core Pure Mathematics and further Pure. Students will also study further mechanics or decision Mathematics.

  • Core Pure Mathematics will include topics such as proof, complex numbers, matrices, algebra and functions, calculus, vectors, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and differential equations
  • Further Pure will include topics such as trigonometry, calculus, differential equations, coordinate systems, vectors, numerical methods and inequalities
  • Further Mechanics will include topics such as momentum and impulse and elastic collisions in one/two dimension. Further Decision will include topics such as algorithms on graphs and critical path analysis

Assessment Methods

A Level Further Mathematics with Pearson Edexcel is a 2 year course. Students will sit external examinations at the end of the second year.

  • - Paper 1: Core Pure Mathematics 1
  • - Paper 2: Core Pure Mathematics 2
  • - Paper 3: Further Pure Mathematics 1
  • - Paper 4: Further Mechanics 1 or Decision 1

Each paper is a 1 hour and 30-minute written examination. They are worth 25% of the qualification each, with each paper out of 75 marks.

QE6 Extras / Co-Curriculum Opportunities

In Mathematics at QE6 we offer a range of co-curricular opportunities including: guest lectures from universities; Maths related trips; access to further reading lists; senior Maths challenge and many more.


An A Level in Further Mathematics provides the opportunity to add breadth and depth to topics covered in A Level Mathematics. The introduction of new topics helps form an important part of maths-rich degrees in areas such as Sciences, Statistics, Computing, Engineering as well as going on to study a degree in Mathematics. An A Level in Further Mathematics can also open the doorway to many exciting job opportunities in Mathematics such as studying for a Masters or a PHD. If your future plans are to go and study Further Mathematics beyond sixth form, then studying A Level Further Mathematics will give you the opportunities to do so.