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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form



 A Level

Exam Board

 Pearson Edexcel

Entry Requirements

  • GCSE English – Grade 5
  • GCSE Mathematics – Grade 6 (ideally Grade 7)

Course Overview

The course content of A Level Mathematics is fixed and focuses on a mixture of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (statistics and mechanics).

  • Pure Mathematics will include topics such as: proof, algebra and functions, coordinate geometry, sequences and series, trigonometry, exponentials and logarithms, differentiation, integration, numerical methods and vectors
  • Statistics involves: sampling, data presentation and interpretation, probability, distributions and hypothesis testing
  • Mechanics involves: kinematics, moment and forces & Newton’s laws

Assessment Methods

A Level Mathematics with Pearson Edexcel is a two year course. Students will sit external examinations at the end of the second year.

  • Paper 1: Pure Mathematics
  • Paper 2: Pure Mathematics
  • Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics

Each paper is a 2 hour written examination. They are worth 33.3% of the qualification each, with each paper out of 100 marks.

QE6 Extras / Co-Curriculum Opportunities

In Maths at QE6, we offer a range of co-curricular opportunities including: guest lectures from universities; Maths related trips; access to further reading lists; Senior Maths challenge and many more.


An A Level in Mathematics provides the opportunity to go on and study a maths degree as well as a pool of other degrees such as: Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Economics and Finance, Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Science, History and many more. An A Level in Mathematics can also open the doorway to many exciting job opportunities such as game design, app development and astronomy.

Whatever your future plans maybe, studying A Level Mathematics will stretch your mind and empower you with abilities that will stay with you for life. Whether that is managing your budget or delving into data, your mathematical background will become a valuable asset for employers across every field.