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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

Philosophy, Religion & Ethics


 A Level

Exam Board


Entry Requirements

  • Grade 5 in English
  • Grade 5 in any Humanities subject
  • No previous knowledge of PRE is required

Course Overview

Philosophy, Religion and Ethics is an exciting and inspiring academic subject, rooted in ancient Greek philosophy which arguably formed the basis of western thought. It is a highly regarded subject by universities and employers alike and shows that someone has the depth who is able to understand people, cultures and new ways of thinking. The course gives students a range of knowledge and understanding of key concepts, thinkers, themes, texts and ways of thinking. It also draws light on key moral issues which remain incredibly important to this day, such as euthanasia, business and sexual ethics.

The A Level is split into two sections:

Philosophy of religion and ethics

Section A: Philosophy of religion

  • Arguments for the existence of God
  • Evil and Suffering
  • Religious experience
  • Religious language
  • Miracles
  • Self and life after death

Section B: Ethics and religion

  • Ethical theories
  • Issues of human life and death
  • Issues of animal life and death
  • Introduction to meta ethics.
  • Free will and moral responsibility
  • Conscience
  • Bentham and Kant

Study of religion and dialogues

Section A: Study of religion

  • Sources of wisdom and authority
  • God/gods/ultimate reality
  • Self, death and the afterlife
  • Good conduct and key moral principles
  • Expression of religious identity
  • Religion, gender and sexuality
  • Religion and science
  • Religion and secularisation
  • Religion and religious pluralism

The only thing I know is that I know nothing. 


Section B: The dialogue between philosophy of religion and religion

How religion is influenced by, and has an influence on philosophy or religion in relation to the issues studied.

Section C: The dialogue between ethical studies and religion

How religion is influenced by and has an influence on ethical studies in relation to the issues studied.


The learning will be made up of a number different styles including debates, group work, reading original sources and research. We will be looking at philosophical and ethical theories and applying them to modern scenarios.

Assessment Methods

This two year course is fully examined. The first paper in Philosophy of religion and ethics is a 3 hour exam worth 50% of the A Level while the second paper on Study of religion and dialogues is a 3 hour exam worth 50% of the A Level.

QE6 Extras / Co-Curriculum Opportunities

Working in collaboration with other social science departments we offer a number of QE6 co-curricular opportunities including guest lectures from experts in the field; curriculum related trips, including a cross curricular trip to Rome and access to further reading lists.


A Level in Philosophy, Religion and Ethics offers links to endless different progression routes. PRE students learn skills that will help in any job including:

  • Law – what is right and wrong?
  • Medicine – should we legalise euthanasia?
  • Science – is genetic engineering good or bad?
  • Journalism – can you weigh up two sides of a story?
  • Social care – how do people’s beliefs affect their lives?
  • Counselling – can you understand other people?
  • Education – can you be objective?
  • Politics – can you put a good argument together?
  • Art – how much is art influenced by religion and spirituality?
  • Management – can you understand the bigger picture?