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Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form

Welcome to QE6

Welcome to Queen Elizabeth School Sixth Form. We are a brand new aspirational sixth form in Luton offering students the opportunity to achieve their potential. We are QE6.

As Queen Elizabeth School has evolved, more and more young people in the community have benefitted from the excellent teaching and learning, support and resources within the school.  Queen Elizabeth School, the site it is based on and its staff, have a long tradition of developing and supporting the education of students within Luton. Over the last three years, Queen Elizabeth school has been on a rapid school improvement journey, providing an innovative curriculum in a safe, secure and supported environment. Our ambitious and aspirational careers programme is embedded from Year 7, preparing students for the next steps in their personal and professional development. Students have the benefit of experienced teachers and a dedicated pastoral team ensuring stability through and beyond their curriculum. This approach has been fundamental to the success of our students and, as a result, 2022 saw Queen Elizabeth School gain the best GCSE results in its history, bringing us to a point where we want to continue this journey of achievement and build upon the hard work of our students into and beyond sixth form. We believe that students thrive and excel in an environment where they work with teachers who know them as individuals and can help them reach their full potential through understanding their needs.

This ethos continues into Queen Elizabeth School Sixth Form. Our mission is to empower every student with the qualifications and skills that make them future ready for the life and career ahead of them. We promise to deliver a relevant curriculum, personalised pathways and meaningful experiences that will prepare students, not only for the world of university and apprenticeships, but the fourth industrial revolution and local labour markets, including hospitality, healthcare, aviation and car manufacturing, to name but a few. 

We know that students want a new challenge and a fresh start, and this is exactly what our sixth form offers. We have created a learning environment where students are treated as adults, given greater freedom and independence, as well as increased responsibility, as they transition from a world shaped and managed for them, to one moulded by them.

We believe that no two students are the same, which is why our sixth form offers more than just subject choices. Select a combination of A Levels and/or BTECs, perhaps add an EPQ or participate in work experience. Attend a QES talk or join one of our societies. Whichever pathway is chosen, we will tailor a timetable to suit students. And if individuals don’t know what they want to do yet, that’s okay, too – we’re here to help students discover what their next step could be.

Life at QE6 is not just about academic learning. QE6 students will be encouraged to take advantage of the wide choice of activities available through our QE6 Extras Programme. There will be opportunities to join a sports team, take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, play in music groups, mentor and lead younger students or learn more about financial planning in our life skills workshops. These opportunities will allow students to try new things, deepen passions and develop invaluable skills for the future.

If you have any enquires about our sixth form, please feel free to contact us at qe6info@qesluton.co.uk.

Ms S Aherne

Head of Sixth Form